Anti-Siphon Valve

Rain Bird manufactures only the highest quality Anti-Siphon valves. Use Anti-Siphon valves in locations where the use of a pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) or a double-check valve is required by city codes to protect against back flow. Check your local city codes to determine what type of valves are required.


Anti-Siphon valves are installed above ground and will prevent backflow if properly installed. Anti-Siphon valves should always be installed at least 6" above the highest head on the valve line, and should never have another valve installed further down the line from the main valve. Our Anti-Siphon valves also feature our patented vacuum breaker–available for automatic or manual applications. All of our Anti-Siphon valves work with any standard sprinkler timer.

Automatic Sprinkler Timers

The ESP-TM2 automatic sprinkler timer is the perfect option for basic residential irrigation systems. Building upon Rain Bird’s legacy of The Intelligent Use of Water®, this timer offers simple water saving features that you will actually use. With the flexibility of 3 programs and 4 start times available per program, you can tailor your watering schedule to your landscape’s needs.

Best of all, you can upgrade the ESP-TM2 into a WiFi-enabled timer by simply installing a new LNK WiFi Module, without having to replace the entire unit.


Make your controller SMART with EPA WaterSense certification by adding the LNK WiFi module and a WR2 rain sensor.

Inline Sprinkler Valve

This hard-working, heavy-duty valve offers the best features of Hunter’s top-of-the-line valves. Built with enough durability to handle the rigors of most residential and light commercial sites, the PGV is available in an array of configurations.

For smaller landscape applications, the PGV is available in four 1" body configurations: angle, globe, male x male, or male x barb design. In turn, each model is available in either a flow control or non-flow control version. For larger landscape applications, the PGV comes in both 1-1/2" and 2" globe/angle models (with flow control). All models feature durable high-grade construction and a rugged diaphragm with support to prevent stress failure.

Sprinkler Nozzles

Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler heads are engineered to ensure long-lasting, reliable performance in residential applications. Available in heights from shrub to 12”, Pro-Spray heads feature durable construction that is second to none, exclusive body cap design which does not leak even when loosened, and a reliable, easy to adjust two-piece ratchet. Pro-Sprays are compatible with Pro Adjustable Nozzles, Pro Fixed Nozzles, and MP Rotators. All models also include a user-friendly pull-ring flush cap to keep debris and clogging to a minimum. The Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler head is compatible with all industry standard female nozzles offering a high degree of flexibility.

PVC Cement

Medium bodied, fast setting, high strength, Low VOC PVC solvent cement. It is suitable for use on rigid PVC with interference fit Sch. 40 thru 6″ (160 mm) and Sch. 80 thru 4″ (110 mm). Premium, high-strength formulation for irrigation, DWV, pool & spa, plumbing and non-pressure application. Suitable for use as a one-step cement without primer on PVC Sch. 40 and SDR pressure water piping systems through 4″ (110 mm) in irrigation (golf course, turf, and agriculture), pool & spa and non-pressure applications, unless primer is required by local code. Do not use 721 without primer in any other application, schedule, or size such as Sch. 80 industrial applications. When primer is used, care must be taken to allow the joints to properly cure before backfilling.

PVC Primer

Premium, industrial strength, low VOC primer essential for proper softening and preparation of PVC and CPVC pipe and fitting surfaces. Specially recommended for use on Schedule 80 (PN 10 and higher) and large size pipe. Excellent for cold weather applications. Handle with care, will stain most materials and surfaces.

Automatic Sprinkler Timer
  • Large backlit LCD display

  • 4 programs: a, b, c; program d can operate concurrently

  • 8 start times per program

  • while protecting air flowProtective white solar shields allow normal sensor from direct sunlight for accurate temperature readings. E

  • Eliminating the need for regular cleaning and maintenance of the weather station

Wireless Rain Sensor
  • Microprocessor records and processes weather data for use in establishing Smart Auto Adjust run times on any SmartLine® controller

  • Rain shut-off settable from 1⁄8 – 1” (3 – 25mm)

  • Extended rain delay adds time to rain events

  • before deficits begin to accumulate

  • Rain events decrement current deficits in the SmartLine® controller

  • Freeze shut-off activated at 37°F (3.0°C)

  • Protective white solar shields allow normal airflow while protecting the sensor from direct sunlight for accurate temperature readings and eliminating the need for regular cleaning and maintenance of the weather station

  • The unit can be mounted in sunlight or shade and in close proximity to the roof-line

  • Maximum wireless distance from controller to weather station is 1500’ (457m) line of site. SLHUB-RF-5 wireless hub included with SLW5.

  • SLW1 is wire directly to the SmartLine controller via the 35 feet of included cable

  • Onboard diagnostics indicate battery and communication status

  • Remote battery strength measurement from the SmartLine® controller

  • Adjustable arm plastic bracket for gutter thumb-screw or wall mount

  • Operates on 900MHz frequency for superior range and reliability

Brass Inline Valve
  • Low seat design with two-piece internal assembly decreases pressure loss and improves flow when compared to valves with high seat design, and helps protect diaphragm from harmful debris

  • Self-cleaning metering rod system ensures that only “clean” water enters the upper diaphragm chamber, offering consistent, trouble-free performance

  • All EPDM rubber parts outlast commonly used Buna-N parts when exposed to reclaimed water

  • Made of high-quality Red Brass


  • The consistent design ensures backward compatibility when replacing parts in older valves

  • Includes an electroless-nickel-plated bleed valve that is designed to prevent corrosion due to frequent use and/or poor water quality

800 Brass Actuator
  • 800 automatic brass adaptor is ideal for converting existing manual valves to automatic and designed to fit existing Superior, Champion, Lawnlife, Orbit, and Aqualine brass manual valves.

  • Available Sizes:

  • 3/4″ to 2″

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