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How To Know If I’m Overwatering My Lawn?

Overwatered lawns are a common problem that many homeowners face. It can lead to the death of your plants, and it can cause an increase in water bills. It may also lead to a variety of lawn problems. The grass may not absorb the water immediately, leaving it squishy and prone to disease, and it can also create a good environment for pests to thrive.

The most common causes of overwatered lawns are poor drainage and incorrect watering techniques.

Poor drainage: most homeowners have some drainage system in their yard, but it must be working properly. If your system is clogged with leaves or debris, it will not work as efficiently as it should. When the water cannot escape, it builds up and creates a wet carpet that doesn't allow oxygen to reach the roots of your plants.

Incorrect watering techniques: lawns are often overwatered because it is easy to forget them when you are busy with other tasks. However, this can cause a lot of damage to the lawn and plants.

Signs of Overwatered Lawn


Overwatering your lawn can create a breeding ground for fungi and mushrooms. Fungi form colorful growths on the grass, which can be harmful to pets and children. Some mushrooms are even poisonous.

How to Know If I'm Overwatering My Lawn


Overwatering your lawn can encourage the growth of weeds, which will deprive your plants of nutrients. The best way to prevent this from happening is by checking the soil conditions regularly and watering your lawn according to that.

Rotting Roots

Root rot can lead to the death of the plant's roots. If left untreated, this disease can spread quickly and cause damage throughout the lawn. It can be recognized by the roots' dark discoloration, which eventually spreads to the entire plant.

Wilted Grass

In addition to destroying plant life, overwatering your lawn may also cause your grass to appear brown and patchy. If the roots are drowned and unhealthy the grass will be unable to absorb oxygen properly and will wilt and die.


This one is easy to spot. If you see water running down the street or a pool of water over your lawn, it means you are overdoing it. Runoff can wash away fertilizer and any other treatment from your lawn.

Increased Pest Infestation

A lawn with a waterlogged area may be prone to pest infestations and other harmful organisms. One of the most common types of pest is the mosquito. They need standing water to live and breed.

Ways to Prevent It

● If you have an irrigation system, do not forget to switch it off when it rains. Some irrigation systems can detect moisture, and others can be controlled from your phone if it starts raining when you are away from home.

● Check the condition of your lawn before watering it. This will keep it looking lovely and conserve water if you only do it when necessary. One to two inches of water per week are generally all that most grass types require.

● Adjust your irrigation system scheduling depending on the season. Your lawn will have different needs for each season.

● Install drainage systems in low-lying areas.

Unison Supply offers everything you need for your lawn care. We have battery-operated, and Bluetooth hose ends timers you can add to your irrigation system to prevent overwatering issues. You can control them even if you are away from home. From garden tools and lightning to arborist equipment for sale. We have everything you need. Contact us today!

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